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Roof Replacements

Texas weather can take a toll on your roof, and overtime, your roof will need to be replaced. Texas Grand Roofing understands the value and sensitivity that people place on their single greatest investment— their homes! We realize that homes are a place where people relax, have fun, and raise their families! Because of this, Texas Grand Roofing uses only the best products available.

We will do our best to answer any questions you may have regarding material options, roofing system installation, repair options, warranties, and the insurance claim process. We are here to listen and help. We also pride ourselves in using the best products on the market today. This often results in an upgrade to your existing roof class at no additional cost to you.

Roof Systems:

Picking your roof system is the most important decision. Below are some comparisons. There is a lot of variety in each category, but these categories are grouped but major feature differences.



The name refers to the non-overlapping three tabs per shingle. These shingles are the thinnest and weakest shingle design. Most manufacturers warranty 3-tab shingles for ~20 years. While a 3-tab roof can last longer than 15 years, this is about as long as you can expect the roof to last without recurring issues.

Storms damage 3-tab roofs very easily. Their wind rating is often half or less of an architectural shingle system, typically only 60MPH. Hail is particularly harsh to 3-tab roofs which have very thin shingles and little overlap.

3-tab is used because it is the cheapest roof style available. But due to breakthroughs in roof technology the cost of 3-tab is only slightly less than architectural shingles.

Architectural Shingles

Architectural or laminate shingles are the standard roofing system today. These shingles are thicker than 3-tab and are designed with more overlapping sections to give it a dimensional look and additional resilience. Most manufacturers warranty architectural roofs for  50 years or “Lifetime”. While lifetime is longer than most architectural shingle roofs will last, they should be expected to last past the 30 year mark without recurring issues.

Storms damage is much less likely on architectural roofs than 3-tab. Their wind ratings vary depending on the manufacturer and the single line, but they tend to be rated at around 110MPH. Hail can still damage these roofs but they are much more protected due the shingle thickness and the overlapping design. We recommend using a shingle with a class 3 impact resistant rating. This not only means the resistance rating against hail is better, but it will also trigger a discount with most home insurance providers. Learn more about the architectural shingle system we install here: malarkey link

Contrary to popular belief, architectural shingles are not much more expensive than 3-tab but offer at least twice the value. For most roofs, upgrading to architectural only costs 10% more than 3-tab.


There are several styles of panel metal roofs. Some are corrugated and others have bends made at regular intervals that give different patterns. Panel metal roofs are very durable but can be damaged by hail or wind. The gauge of the metal determines its thickness and resilience to impact and sheer force. Higher gauge panels are more expensive and may not be necessary in your area based on your local storm patterns. Most all metal roofs come with a lifetime warranty. Similar to shingles, metal roofs suffer from lack of regular maintenance. Every 5-10 years the gaskets on the screw heads can wear to the point of leaking. Eventually the roof will need all of the screws to be removed and replaced. The metal can also rust if not properly coated or if a section is scraped by overhanging tree limbs etc. This maintenance is more expensive than shingle upkeep but the roof itself should last much longer before needing to be replaced.

If installed properly, most metal panel roofs should hold up to wind very well but over the years the fasteners will become loose. Hail can also dent the roof but serious damage is unlikely unless the hail is extreme.

Metal roofs are about 1.5x the cost of a shingle roof but the exact price depends on the gauge and other feature options.

Standing Seam

Standing seam roofs are unique among metal roofs due to the interlocking panels. Standing seam roofs are very durable but can also be damaged by hail or wind. The gauge of the metal determines its thickness and resilience to impact and sheer force. Most standing seam panels are already higher gauge than most metal roofs. This contributes to the expense of this particular roof style.  Standing seam roofs come with a lifetime warranty. Unlike other panel metal roofs, regular maintenance is much more rudimentary as the panels do not use fasteners. Regular cleaning and sealing is still important but you are less likely to experience a leak as there are less entry points from the roof. The metal can also rust if not properly coated or if a section is scraped by overhanging tree limbs etc.

If installed properly, these roofs should hold up to wind very well compared to other metal and shingle roofs. Hail can dent the roof but serious damage is unlikely unless the hail is extreme.

Standing seam is very expensive compared to other metal panel roofs and is more than twice the cost of most shingle installations.

Roof Repairs and Maintenance

The issues below constitute normal wear and tear for most shingle roofs. We recommend our maintenance package for this reason but even if you just spot check your roof a couple times a year, you can prevent costly damage from occurring.  These are minor repair and maintenance issues. Depending on the steepness and size of your roof, we charge between $250-500. Actually costs will depend on a variety of factors but we can get you a quote for the work easily.


Debris in valleys, behind chimneys, and any any other components will cause moisture to be retained and will cause the shingles to deteriorate over time. During a storm, water can get damned up at this debris and cause the water to flow underneath the shingles and into the house. This is also a common area for bugs to live and eventually gain entry through the roof to your attic. Keeping your roof clear of debris is an essential maintenance for the longevity of your roof and to prevent leaks. This is one of the most common sources of leaks.


Nail pops are caused by nails backing out and pushing the overlapping shingle up. This caused the shingle to become unsealed and exposes the loose nail to the elements. If these nail pops are left unaddressed, debris will get caught in this void and keep the shingle from sealing. Exposed nails are the most common leak point on a roof. A nail pop is a precursor to a leak so getting the nail replaced and the shingle resealed is important to avoid water penetration.


Sometimes the seal for the shingles is sufficient to keep the nail from lifting up the shingle and it will tear through the shingle instead. These are harder to spot especially from the ground. These nails usually completely pull through the shingle and leave a whole directly into the house. These are very difficult even from very close.


After a few years, sealant starts to deteriorate from nail and screw heads. These are unprotected fasteners rust and allow water to flow around the shaft of the fastener into the home. Components and ridges will need to be sealed every few years to maintain a sealed roof. These exposed nails are the most common leak points on a roof.

Metal Restoration

When it comes to a weathered metal roof. Before you decide to replace your roof, you may be happy to learn that you don’t have to. In fact, with our roof restoration service, we can clean, repair, and seal your roof so that it lasts much longer and so it looks brand new. Instead of replacing your roof, we can restore back to its original strength, or even better. Replacing a roof can be expensive. Before you take on the financial load of a roof replacement, let us take a look at it and decide if a roof restoration is a better option. There are many benefits to roof restoration beyond the cost savings versus of roof replacement.

Overall, your restored roof will not just look great, save you money, and perform better, but it will provide a higher level of safety to your entire structure. Metal roofs are especially notorious for rust.

Over time, moisture from humidity and rain can wear down the protective coating on metal roof, causing physical damage and subsequent problems. When it comes to metal roofs, our roof restoration service is completed in five steps:

  1. We apply our rust remover to your entire roof.
  2. We power wash your roof to wash off rust and get your roof looking normal again.
  3. We apply a rust inhibiter primer to your entire metal roof. We seal-lock all fasteners as well.
  4. We apply a base coat over taped areas.
  5. We apply the final protective coat to have your roof looking brand new again.